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  1. Plural of measure


  1. third-person singular of measure

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Becky Measures (born 1981 in Derbyshire, England), from Bakewell, Derbyshire, is a DJ on Peak FM, an independent local radio station in Derbyshire and charity fundraiser.
She held a variety of jobs including being a extra for the locally filmed television series Peak Practice before moving into radio.
In 2004 Measures, then 23, decided to have a double mastectomy after a genetic test revealed that she had an 80 to 90 per cent risk of developing breast cancer. Both her mother and a cousin, Helen, had suffered from the same illness.
To help raise raise funds to build Europe's first breast cancer prevention centre, she organised a calendar of tasteful, naked photographs of different local people including members of Chesterfield FC.
On 6 June 2006, ITV broadcasted a documentary entitled My Breasts or My Life about Measures and her decision to have her breasts removed. The programme, filmed over two years, follows the decision and preparation for the operation as well as her, and her family's, feelings afterwards.
In October 2006, a book detailing her life, decision and operation was published called "No Big Deal" by Peak FM Newsreader Simon Towers on Boltneck Publishings, a song bearing the same title was also released in February 2007 by Ovacast featuring Becky on vocals. It has reached #67 on the UK Singles Chart.
Becky is now a volunteer dog walker for the Chesterfield & North Derbyshire Branch of the RSPCA, and was a guest judge at their Fun Dog Show on 17 June 2007.
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